Monday, 27 February 2017

Still life, Hot Air Balloons & a heart

 Symphony in ceruleum, another fabulous painting by Liz
A very very calm day with only five aquarellistas last Tuesday - but man did we have a good time! Liz & Agnès worked hard & smart on their respective still lives, and although the masking fluid is still on, I really want to show them because they are already SO good!

 Agnès ceated this awesome composition of shape and colour. I can't stop looking at it!

André brought his grandson Arno and didn't finish his still life. The glass bottle however is so transparent! 

 and by the way, André did finish another still life. Here a maroccan teapot and scarf

Celina finished her valentine hearts, and how!! Amazing, all of her specialties are represented, mosaic, volume, happy colours and composition. Well Done!

 Delightful transparent perfume bottle by Elia

 Hot air balloons by Celina. Note there's an optical illusion in the big one!

 Arno worked hard on his montgolfieres! with result, they look very cool!
below an impression of him, working concentrated on his  painting...

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