Monday, 20 February 2017

Watercolour Valentines

 Agnès created this unbelievably gorgeous heart - with dragonflies

Our last get-together happened to coincide with valentine's day -  and of course we let ourselves be inspired by love and its main symbol...

Michele C's awesome emerald heart

A colourful heart with a highlight that is also a looking glass - a typical original Celina 

Elia B combined her hearts with the loveliest snails - not yet quite finished but already lovely

 series of transparent hearts - they look as if you can just pick them up from the paper! By Carole

And another daring bold painting by Liz!! Full of character... I love it.
Melting glass (my interpretation); so dramatic.


 Tana didn't love her pear still life anymore and decided to use them to practice dewdrops on. That led to also painting a couple of balls - and the reason I post this try-out painting is mainly to show the optical illusion: the pears with the 'marbles' on them have lost their volume - that is because of how your brain works... It interprets the shapes and decides they must be flat. The pear with the dewdrops is still round! Cool! 😁

 Fabulous still life with peppers by Carole. Well done! 
 Very good the layers exercise - shame on me for the picture - but still visible that Brigitte did a good job here! 
Also on the  other 'layers' exercise. Background (bluish) ->Foreground (warm colours)-> Details. The sky is superb and really works!

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