Monday, 20 March 2017

Dragon pillars...

In the latest issue (nr 32) of watercolour magazine L'Art de l'Aquarelle, were 2 demos by Malaysean artist Lok Kerk-Hwang, one of which inspired us enough to 'work along' with it. This will certainly take 2 sessions, but it is going to be pretty spectacular!
The demo explains how to paint a Chinese Dragon pillar (often seen in Chinese temples because in China dragons are regarded as generous and wise gods) in 6 steps. As always, it is meant as a subject and to provide inspiration, and doesn't have to be taken literally...  so here's where we are right now:

Elia B finished the drawing, added the masking fluid and painted the background of her pillar 

By the way, as promised, I have created an 'Aquarellistas' Facebook page. Not much on it yet, but that will change soon! Every week we'll have a different profile photo, news, tips, tricks, links, expos and whatever comes to mind! Maybe you can LIKE it (if you have not already done so). The link:

 Agnès paints practically every day, and that shows - she has become so good and fast by now that she basically finished her dragon pillar!

Michele's pillar has a warm tone - can't wait to see it finished!

 Start of the dragon pillar of Celina: masking fluid carefully applied, ready for the background

André's surprisingly loose-sketch Dragon pillar needs one more aquarellista session to finition 

 And Sandra - as always she used the demo to start on this amazing and original dragon. I find it breathtaking...

 This is not a dragon but Cathie's project with decorated vases is so similar - and already very impressive!

NB - Next time the other projects will get their well-deserved attention!

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