Monday, 27 March 2017

 Bibbi's model-watercolours - every little image has a story to tell

Last week we got together to work on the Chinese pillars project from l'Art de l'Aquarelle, but there were so many other great things to paint that we didn't get around to finishing the pillars. As soon as they are done I will dedicate a post to them, they are going to be so interesting!! But what's shown here is the free work of our Aquarellista group, individual ideas and subjects!

 Agnès painted these light and happy (and springy) daffodils

Sylvie worked on this adorable mom and baby giraffe...

These are doorknobs! Painted in the typical colourful style of Celina

You can hear him call, Elia's wolf. Not completely done but already very strong!!

 Fantastic Forest by Anna-Karin: she decides this weekend if there will be a darker shade on the left side... We'll keep you posted!

 Start of an exciting glass bottle by Carole. I've seen the real thing and I can tell you that the label will also be awesome. Can't wait to see the finished work!

 The first layer of Tana's version of last Tuesday's still life. It still needs some contrast but she truly nailed her step one: to work with light colours!

 The still life challenge was also started by Michele C (she also finished her awesome version of the Chinese dragon pillar- more about that next time)

Brigitte is back and she continued her starters' exercises. Inspired by Michele F's take on the dew drops she created them in the same style, on a coloured surface and look how well they turned out!! 

Michele F has been good busy with the transparency  exercise. Above finished, below was also meant to practise on the patterns (well done) and will have (the suggestion of) transparent fabric on it next week...

 Michele F received a very impressive box with watercolour pans, for her birthday and decided wisely to make a map of the colours.

And on the other end of the spectrum, Cathie's chandeliers - almost finished. What a fantastic job!

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