Monday, 13 March 2017

Spheres, marbles, balls... and Bibbi!

 Liz challenged herself with a collection of reflecting copper balls... Aren't they fabulous?!

One of our favourite subjects is 'the sphere'. So last week (after seeing the fantastic glass balls in the WTC in Amsterdam) I thought it was time for some zen ball-painting. It is difficult,  the shape is so pure that mistakes are all too visible. But as you can see in this post, the resulting watercolours are awesome!

Celina is still working on hers, a set of marbles of all kinds of materials

Elia painted a free interpretation of the subject - and I do sincerely hope that she will create more versions, in different colours of it. So cool and poetic! 

 Amazing marbles by Michele C. A little bit more shadow and it is perfection!!

Vanessa's transparent colourful glass balls... I love the reflections, well done!

 And last but by no means least, these super shiny perfect marbles by Michele F! Great work, especially because she has not yet finished all exercises...

As mentioned in the title, we had a surprise visit from our Swedish correspondent Bibbi, who used to be an enthusiastic member of our group, but then moved back to her homeland. We missed her dearly, as a person and as an inspiring artist! Here you see why:
Bibbi and Anna-Karin used drawings, made during a life session, as inspiration for small yet strong and characterful paintings. As you can see, in different styles, despite the 100% equal approach! Above, Bibbi's and below Anna-Karin's:

And last but not least - 3 other projects ...

Tana almost finished her metal still life. She added 2 pears and gave some warmth to the cold silvery atmosphere. I am the happiest with the funnel though, truly amazing how realistic that looks! 
Agnès finished her still life with a drool-worthy colour combination... and she continued using these tones for a very 'springy' blossom painting:
For more like this, visit her blog Hobbysketcher

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