Monday, 3 April 2017

Still life, Spring and Starters

Michele's still life with light bulb, now finished! It is very transparent - I love it!

Michele C was there for her last watercolour session of 2017 - she is going home for the summer season... We will miss her - but she promised to work with us from there and send results regularly! (no pressure 😆)

 Also finished: Carol's old ink bottle. Fabulous (as expected) with its old label...

 Cathie's final version of the chandeliers - what can I say, they are so fantastic!

And Cathie is now diving into an experimental period! Very interesting for all of us... keywords chalk, plaster, pigment, gesso. I will make sure interesting discoveries are posted here so we can learn from that!

Elia has also been experimenting! Imagine, she painted a blue surface, put 3 drops of water on it for the dandelion puffs, lifted some extra paint there, and when it was dry she scratched a tiny bit away for extra fluff. Then she lifted a bit of blue here and there for the glass vase... Seriously cool stuff!!!

And to add more spring to the day, she painted these beautiful apple blossoms, with ladybug


First setup of a lovely classic bust, by Tana from a still life. With imaginary background (to be darkened) very clever and decorative, and also giving this watercolour a deeper meaning and dreamy atmosphere
 Spring is in the air in the South of France. It inspired Michele C. to paint a lovely bird on a branch with blossoms...

Fantastic result of a 'transparency' exercise by Brigitte! The transparency is suggested by using more diluted paint for the objects behind the curtain. Which is not actually there, only suggested...

More transparency, now combined with patterns, well done by Michele F!

And last but not least the last starters-exercise by Michele F! The 'irises' are practice for eyes and they are perfect! The mask is a first try out, and it has come out very funny-angry!! One more version of this the next session and then she knows all the watercolour-rules in theory... ready to go for the free subjects - which no doubt will work out!

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