Monday, 5 June 2017

Beautiful Wild Flowers - in aquarelle

Anna-Karin has gone to Sweden for the summer, and the last watercolour she made during the Zen afternoon is so fabulous! The flowers, leaves and the diffused light are painted in a way that makes you smell the forest. Fantastic. Looking forward to September when we see you again A-K!

 Sandra used wild flowers and wild leaves for this painting. She put watercolour paint on them and pressed them on the paper. A great idea, and yet another experiment that makes me want to see more of that!

 Bev painted the bunch of wild flowers that we had in our still life and combined it with the sunflower from her own imagination. The result looks so very summery...

 André worked on his watercolour/ink painting of the square of Mouans-Sartoux! I think it worked out very well, it is a playful and light picture. Well done!

This modern industrial landscape by Liz  is not yet finished - the masking fluid is still on it. Yet it is already so good! The reflections, the crane, the bridge... I can't wait to see it in the next stage.

 Bev also finished her cherries... They look so yummy - both the actual cherries and the reflections

Sylvie finished a painting of an antique blue glass vase. She has really caught the irregular, slightly faded features of such a vase - using salt. 

NB - Cathie al-most finished the suitcases, you'll have to wait another week to see the final version - but I can tell you, they are absolutely amazing - and already sold!!

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