Monday, 17 July 2017

Quotes & Characters - in Aquarelle

 Elia's heartbreakingly beautiful rememberance plaquette for 14th of July

Last Tuesday we worked on large, self-made fonts, combined into texts, poems - and quotes. It is seriously interesting to create them in watercolours. That way the colours are flowy and spontaneous, adding an unexpected 'swing' to the rigid structure of a font...

 Great quote by Liz - looking as if they are the backs of a stack of books... Painted with watercolours over writing in masking fluid!

 The word "LOVE" in Thai... eh, that's what we hope 😝... Lots of fun about this text because it may just as well mean 'Buy our excellent chicken soup'. Also by Liz - and again watercolours, this time of the wet-in-wet variety, with masking fluid (to be removed)

Pre-pre stage of Elia's Remember Nice-painting: she wildly threw big splashes of watercolour paint on the paper and this great bubble appeared!

 Sandra created this painted poetry, with a delicate light and atmosphere - also beautiful poem in her handwriting - but unfortunately not readable in this picture (so sorry)

And last but not least - our correspondent in Bretagne Michele is back from her travels and painted this excellent text!! I love it, and not only because it is my name, it is also playful and colourful and funny...

And of course also other work was started, continued or finished!
Brenda continued with her abstract mushroom

 Sandra is working on this still life with spring onions, note the orange reflection

After spending a lot of time on finding the best quotes, Carol decided to first work on another still life. Going to be a gorgeous one!!
 Pots and jars come naturally to Sylvie. She started with this beautiful transparent set - elegant!
Sylvie also worked on her 'Texture' painting, a combination of waterclours and acrylic, with an irregular gesso fond. I love the stripey fence...

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