Monday, 25 September 2017

Inspired by Ken Thrift

Liz' Ken-inspired painting... I find it Fantastic!!

In general we choose a new subject every week, and alternate between 'figurative' and 'abstract'.
Here you see the results of 'being inspired by Ken Thrift'. Based on an article in l'Art de l'Aquarelle where he explains how he creates his watercolours... : start with a light, loose drawing. Then add a  light background. Let yourself be led by that to add the darker and brighter colours. Then draw the details with Chinese (black) ink. The results were so cool - and surprising!

Brenda's Abstract n°1

Brenda's abstract n°2

Brigitte hasn't finished yet, but it is already awesome!

Both Sylvie and Patience chose the painting in which a Bedouin-like figure is visble on the right...
Always amazing to see the different styles and interpretations!!

Of course there were also other projects going on. Brenda finished her abstract mushroom and I somehow forgot to take a picture... Next time maybe. And then some pottery:

Sylvie in her signature blue - with very attractive background!

Brigitte finished her still life with pots - there's plenty of clever little things in there, and also a lot of hours!!

And Carol with another brilliant still life, I am seriously impressed!!

Anna Karin is back! To get into the groove again, she worked outside and painted the Hangar trees, with mars black. With her big brush. The style is so unmistakably hers! I'm happy she joins us again, to add another, different take on expression!

And Liz took her gorgeous steering wheel a step further. It is so well done, symmetrical and metal versus wood! I love it.

PS1: If you miss your turtle, go have a look on because that's where I posted them
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