Monday, 18 September 2017


Last week our subject du jour was 'Sea Turtles'. Just Because. Also, they are very interesting - and I have once in my life actually seen one in the middle of the Ocean, in a storm: he (or she) paddled calmly past us. And made quite an impression. They are ancient creatures, around for over 100 million years, from the time of the dinosaurs. I learned from Agnès that they cannot retract their flippers like other turtles. Well, and they are absolutely beautiful, intelligent and full of expression!
All of us worked on doing them justice in watercolours  - and I think that worked out! Here are the results:
 Doreen painted a baby sea turte of (as she called it) "a whole new species". She experimented with salt, very brave!

Brenda's turtle looks mildly at us while swimming...

This sea turtle was painted by Bev, 'Diving' movement very well achieved!

Celina's turtle - almost finished... I love her clear lines and the contrast between the flowy background, the interesting back and the almost mosaic-like flippers and head
Dave painted this friendly giant turtle - with a beautiful aura. Quite an achievement: it was his very first painting in watercolours!!

Another gorgeous sea turtle, by Elia. This one high up in the sea. Perfect use of salt and colour. I hope to show you the finished version next post! 

Sylvie already painted a sea turtle some time ago, but she started a new one in a new style, with pleasure!

This colourful version was painted by Agnès, I love it! For the story behind it, check out her blog
And last but by no means least, Patience painted this amazing fast andenergetic turtle... he swims just under the surface, and the sun shines!


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