Monday, 16 October 2017

Babuschkas, Matriosjkas, Nesting Dolls? - o well, great watercolours!

 Celina's two nesting dolls - so lovely and as always, original, colourful and well executed

We proceeded with the nesting dolls - and I love what everyone did with them! They are so cute and attractive. I had a new set with me that had at least 9 babies, the smallest one only 1 centimeter - but still completely painted, with eyes. Amazing. But it only served as an example, because the patterns you see here are imagination!

Liz's impression. Well done (can't wait to see it when the masking comes off) and per-fect depth in the fallen half!

Patience finished last week's setup by adding a darker background to bring the heads out.

Brenda chose  graphic patterns - with the exception of the tiny baby in the foreground...

the previous session, Anna Karin created the version above. We all loved it, but she was not happy with the composition and created a second version (below) equally well done. I still prefer the first one, how about you??

As always, there were also other projects going on:
Sylvie D. started an exciting painting of a backlighted ballet dancer! Next time she will fill in the details, can't wait!!

Sylvie M. has a commission, she has to create a colourful painting, for someone who loves sailing... Mission  Accomplished! Looking great already...

Patience was sitting across Sylvie M. and while waiting  for her watercolour to dry, she fast-sketched this portrait. 'Sylvie in leopard skin'. The leopard is very subtle! But the portrait is actually very good!

 Our new star: Audrey! She has no real experience with watercolour painting yet created this dreamy landscape with a big magic tree...

 This is a try-out by Anna Karin, she used a pieco of my 'Amsterdam Torchon' and randomly put Ultramarine, Ochre and Orange. The Ulramarine has granulated, and with the texture of the paper gives such a fabulous effect! As if she used salt, only she didn't... an effect to remember

 And on the other side of the spectrum: a delicate bunch of roses, in a chrystal vase, by Brenda!

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