Monday, 9 October 2017

Nesting Dolls - Matriochkas

That was fun: I found a set of nesting dolls and put them randomly on a wooden box - and that was our subject. And we decided to give them our own patterns. We'll do more of this next time we see each other - because most wanted to finish previous projects first, but what was created was superb!

 Celina's patterned dolls. Lovely and bright, very characteristic

Anna Karin painted this awesome set - with an unbelievable light! Very inspiring.

And Patience created an accurate, lighthearted and funny impression of the dolls with background

 Patience also proceeded with her broken plate - and is now contemplating the colour of the female figure... Will it be green? or red? watch this space...!

 The other week we were 'Ken Thrifting' and Brigitte, thorough as she is, spent one more hour tweaking it to perfection! I think not even Ken would know that it isn't his...

 this mixed media-painting (watercolours and ink) by Sandra started out as broken china, but is now so much more! I need to make a better picture but the detail is great - and the wet in wet is soooo deep...

Awesome portrait by Sylvie - mannn is she making progress! and apart from the portrait and the accessories, I am in love with the 'borders' on the right and the left. I want to see more!

 Work in progress - I know what it is gong to be and it is going to be awesome! (hint: the black dots are masking fluid, so they are not strawberries 😊

Brigitte started a masking fluid project - with leaves. Can I say that it is already interesting? It is not at finished yet, but I am so curious what will come out when the masking comes off...It will be a multi-leveled painting, a bit like batik. Well done!!

And as so often we finish with another fabulous painting by Cathie, this time a composition of little bells. Not yet completed but already True Eye candy!!

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