Monday, 30 October 2017

Norwegian Kunst Glas

 One of the setups, on a mirror for extra reflection (and difficulty) there was much more!

Celina suggested to bring some of her Kunstglas as still life to the Zen Watercolour session of last week. Kunstglas is Norwegian and it translates into Art glass - and that is what it is, handmade, colourful, slightly irregular, highly original and all unique pieces of glassware! It was a great succes, everyone painted the still life - and we will do it again next week...

Michele C. is back in the Med! And she has not forgotten how to work with watercolours... What a fantastic, balanced little painting.

The one-big-brush version by Anna Karin - she will finish it as soon as she gets back (in max 2 weeks) and that's great because this painting has the potential to become really really special!

Celina knows her Kunstglas better than anyone. It is visible in this watercolour, true to her signature colourful firm style. A very well-balanced composition.

Fantastic, quiet and simple version by Sandra. She makes the mirror visible without painting it, the reflection speaks for itself! 

Michele had 10 minutes left after her cute little still life and used it to quickly paint a single longstemmed Kunstglas glass

Sylvie D. painted another take on glass, broken. I love it, it has lots of drama, with its sharp edges and the wet background...

And of course there were several projects to be finished - and new projects started... 
Right before she left us for a couple of months, Brenda finished her nesting dolls - and how! I am loving the depth, the shadows and the colours. See you in 2018 Bren!

 Patience finished her dutch landscape with tulips. Everyone agreed that it is a very good painting, and that the best-of-the-best part is the dutch cloudy sky!

Sandra's mask is finished! I absolutely totally and completely love it! The writing, the poetry, the background and the eyes, that have become a bit sad. Makes me think of our local history (and movie) of the 'man with the Iron mask'.

 Cathie works steadily and slowly on her paint tubes painting... it is getting shape... watch this space to see it grow 😊

 And last but by no means least, Patience's portrait of a Rhynchophorus ferrugineus - the beetle that destroys our local palm trees.

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