Monday, 13 November 2017

'Cells' in Aquarelle Watercolours

Very inspired, very original take on the subject! Sylvie D. used a straw to create this powerful representation of communicating cells

During last week's watercolour session, we used pictures of microscopic cells as inspiration. We had a still life of sponges and bubblewrap to mimick a similar feel...

Jane started a big project - with colourful fantasy cells. Each one is different and interesting in its own way...

Michelle took an example of a very interesting super magnified plant leaf. It needs a couple of details and some shadow but I can already see the 'depth'

Fantasy plant cells by Celina. The dark dots are masking fluid (absolutely needed in this case to make sure the colours don't borrow too much from each other) It will be stunning later, so meticulously painted and full of colour!

After finishing her glass study, Anna Karin gave the still life a go - and managed to catch the character of the material

Same for Liz, who used the bubblewrap example in her left-over time to create this 'sea monster'. With great potential for endless depth!

And then there were a couple of projects to be finished, like the colourful Norwegian Kunstglas still life of last week!

Anna Karin's study - so worth it! I love the light and the reflections.
Liz created a neutral -yet very Lizzy-  background and now it is a seriously magical painting- well done!

Sylvie D. finished her broken glass - great painting with a deeper meaning.

Playful &funny -the finished Halloween-Norwegian Kunstglas-Animal painting of Elia. (I am happy that this was not the actual still life and that the spider is fantasy!)

Sylvie M is working on a series of boats, with colourful sails. There is still some work to do on this one - but it is so pozwerful, both in composition and in colour! Great stuff!

The last piece by Patience before she left for the winter: a pine tree forest, loosely based on an age-old chinese painting. It is created in ink and has a stunning light!. 

Also the whale jumping out of the water was finished just in time, it has a very good wet shine and is so powerful. Good and interesting, as we like it!

PS: Cathie has been working hard on  a painting of a homemade stuffed animal - a present for the daughter of a friend. It is going to be such a wonderful memory - but I don't want to spoil the surprise, so will post it only after it has been given... Watch this space!!

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