Monday, 29 January 2018

Filigree (Open Work - Ajouré) - a good subject for Watercolours

 Michele C's awesome fantasy animal. I am seriously impressed by it and can't wait to see the finished painting!

Last session we decided on a subject that everyone understood, but no one knows the official word for it. My dictionary said 'Open work' but that doesn't really ring a bell for the Anglophones. Filigree would best describe it, and "ajouré" in French. Anyway, Sandra, Cathie, Michele and Linda started a 'Filigree' painting and Liz finished hers...

 Linda worked on a Celtic-inspired pattern. She really nailed the metal, and in the next stage it will get it's 'open' effect...

 Liz' kitschy Cup - so perfect in every aspect, with filigree doilie - beautiful example and possibly the inspiration for the subject!

There were more kitsch paintings that had to be finished:

 Elia B.'s little boy with tear, now perfected, the tear is just that little bit extra to make it fit the 'kitsch' bill!

Sheila's little boy now also finished: The light is great, both on his hair and his right cheek - but also these sad sad eyes. And let me mention it for the last time, this is her second watercolour class ever... Amazing!

A hyper kitschy small sculpture, perfectly painted by Michele C., who also discovered that the sculpture is actually a piggy bank (or tirelire as we call it in France) with the slot in the green part...

And last but not least there was the free work:
Jane painted this balanced, peaceful watercolour of two beautiful cats.
Carol started a painting of her sons. Of course she has just started, but it is already so expressive and strong! Love it!

 Sheila's new project - looking very promising!!

 Awesome painting by Elia, expressive and still. Very well done with the dark colours!

And last but not least, there was work again on the blocks!
 Liz's 'War' and Anna-Karin's 'Peace' and 'War', great additions to what we already have... Note that this is watercolours on wood (treated with Watercolour Gesso)

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