Monday, 15 January 2018

Flamingo's in Watercolours

On our first session in 2018, we did several things - touch base extensively after not seeing each other for a couple of weeks, paint wooden blocks for the Valbonne500 project and paint our subject du jour: Flamingos! And as one of us remarked, they all came out so differently - it is great (and interesting) to see the variety in styles and interpretations of our group! 

Fantastic, graphic painting by Celina. (Opera Rose and Permanent Rose were very popular last Tuesday!)

Liz had a completely different view on the Flamingo and created two portraits of 'Flora Flamingo'
She is so fluffy!! (click image to enlarge and enjoy the fluff)

Wonderful version by Michele - not yet finished, but the colour of the bird is alread perfect!

 Linda's flamingo. She was not delighted with it - but I think she should be. The face of the flamingo is really good. But! The artist decides, so the back of this one will be re-used!

There was also great work done on portraits. By Elia, she started this deep and quiet one, with expressive colours. Can't wait to see it finished!

Sandra is painting a series of portraits, of interesting artists. Artists who are no longer with us. And as you can see, she gives them a lot of character, both by strong expression and the use of unusual and subtle symbols

In the introduction I mentioned the Valbonne500 project. That is about the 500 year anniversary of our neighbour-village Valbonne. We are asked to participate in the construction of a wall, made out of wooden blocks. The wooden blocks are painted on 2 sides, one side represents 'war' and the other side is for 'peace'. Carol, Agnes and yours truly painted with watercolours on the blocks (prepared with Schmincke aquarelle gesso) and it works like a dream - and looks fab! Next week we'll varnish them. The other Aquarellistas will create their versions too - and we will show the results, and then in May, the whole wall, through the village...



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