Friday, 9 March 2018

EXHIBITION Agnès McLaughlin in Antibes

Aquarellista Agnès McLaughlin is exhibiting strong, often funny and always 'spot on' watercolours in Antibes Old Town during the 'URBAN SKETCHING' Exhibition!

Here is a map Agnès kindly created (the exhibition is very close to the ramparts and just behind restaurant 'Le Figuier') Click to enlarge!

This is the entrance of the lovely Atelier Galerie of Annette Von Borstel *) in the old centre.

The artist herself having a cup of tea with her visitors

The visitors having a cup of tea while leafing through the sketch books and carnets de voyage...

It is so much fun to see these watercolours, they are of places you recognise and they all have that colourful and spontaneous 'twist' that is typical for Agnès's style. Of course they are all either created outside or started outside, often in difficult circumstances (ask Agnès for fun anecdotes). I know the work of Agnès, still there was a lot that I hadn't seen yet.  She has created a booklet, I bought one and I find it very inspiring. And it proves that even in this day and age, old fashioned urban sketching is very fulfilling and worthwhile, both in practicing as in just enjoying the results.

If you want to read more about it, visit Agnès's excellent blog

Do you need more recommendation? 
One of the other artists who has some work in the gallery is Antibes-based Lui Ho, who creates portraits. All the time and with every material that he can get his hands on, clay, pencil, ball point, scissors and paper!

The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday, 3pm-  5pm until the 16th of March.

*) About Annette van Borstel's atelier: she exhibits her own work and from time to time invites other artists. She was painting while I visited, and by the look of it is combines two worlds, technology and oil paint on canvas... She used a laptop with a picture and some other device to paint  hyperrealistic portraits. There were also a couple of paintings that looked 'woven' with beautiful thin brush strokes.QUite interesting!

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  1. Agnes's paintings are so full of life, joy and fun. They are very uplifting to experience as well as being beautiful to look at.

    Penny Burns,


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