Monday, 23 April 2018

9 Aquarellistas - 11 different subjects

A very Zen session last week, we used it to finish ongoing projects, try out ideas and experiment with colours and lines. And welcomed two brandnew group members:

Cyndie and Hélène both painted for the first time with transparent, watery aquarelle. 
They both really enjoyd the 'Spheres' exercise, clearly visible in the results above and below!!

 Hélène started the washing exercise, and washed it thoroughly! 
Next week she will give this vague shape its volume...

Cyndie went on painting when at home, and created this brilliant patchwork! 
With a bit of volume, and loads of patterns. Well done!

Healthy green smoothie in a bottle. This is going to be another gorgeous still life by Carol, can't wait to see it finished!

Cathie worked on this amazing begonias in an old rusty blue pot.

Liz finished the complementary coloured sunflower, now forming a set with the oranges. I  love it very much!

Right now mostly masking fluid and tape - but already super cool, this painting-to-be of Menton. Also by Liz

From here: the portraits section! Starting with a very good monochrome portrait of Johnny as Jack Sparrow. By Elia. Look at those lips...

A super experiment by Agnès, she started this in her carnet de voyage: Bic Pen, combined with watercolours... Looks like a good combi to me! This was done on paper with a layer of gesso, next week more, on 'untreated' torchon... LOve his name! So very fashionable 😝

 Another wild experiment, by Isabelle. She drew a couple of portraits of her gran and on this version, which came out with a bit of a scary look, had a ball with patterns and stripes

 Elia finished her portrait of Sylvie Testud. It is a very interesting face - just like the woman herself!

  Fab portrait of Sylvie Vartan, by Carol, now finished. Still Love the Look

 Two more portraits of Sylvie Vartan, both by Sheila... I'm sure both she and Carol were looking for character and expression when they chose these!

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