Sunday, 29 April 2018

Cathie & Marina exhibit watercolours in Mas Candille

If you like to see watercolours while having a really good lunch in a highly recommended restaurant, this is an excellent chance! The whole month of May, Cathie van der Stel and Marina Kulik show their watercolours - most of them especially created and (sympathetically) priced for the occasion in the restaurant La Pergola. 
 Cathie's beautiful dusty bottles of red magic

Apart from the bottles, Cathie shows two newspaper-paintings, two velvet purses, two Spooky Baby paintings and the fantastic Chandeliers. Next to the 'Purple Haze' cocktail, Marina also shows a Mojito and a Tequila sunrise, the long peppers,three 'Letting GO' paintings with the gloves and the pearls as well as a study for the 'petit clown'
Marina's Purple Haze cocktail
There will not be a special opening, as this is a Michelin Star restaurant that is fully booked every day. But they will give us a special deal for lunch: buy two pay for one... If you are interested, email us and we'll give you the description, a code and the reservation telephone number. For more info, their website is

Because it is a summery place, the pictures we took 'sur place' are way to 'sunny' (= reflection on the glass). But here are some anyway to give you an impression - and we will make it up to you later with better ones, taken while we use the offer ourselves 😎

 The Spooky Babies, a Glove and the Chandeliers

Marina's cocktails

Cathie's Newspapers

The general address is: Le Mas Candille/La Pergola
Boulevard Clement Rebuffel
06250 Mougins

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  1. Your art work looks beautiful on the walls at La Pergola!
    I am looking forward to interviewing you both there soon, at your convenience!


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