Sunday, 1 April 2018

Golden Eggs for Easter - Fabulous Watercolours!

 Sheila painted a big golden leaf with three gorgeous metallic eggs on it. And a clear marker for where she wanted me to cut it...
Inspired by Easter - and by Sheila's request to experiment with painting 'metal' we painted metallic eggs last time. Lo and behold - it was just a try out, but the results are awesome!!

 The last watercolour of Michele C this season. And a good one too!! 
Well Done Michele, those copper eggs are fantastic!

And how about this Set of Six Shiners - great stuff by Liz, with her signature loose yet powerful brush stroke!

 Celina created this beautiful Easter image from a combination of still life (the eggs) and imagination (the twig & ribbon) the eggs are so light in weight and shine! Good work Celina!

This is Elia's impression of the Easter egg basket we had on the table. 
Poetic and Amazing As Always, how does she do it?!! 

 Unfinished golden egg by Michele F. She used salt to show the irregular grainy surface and a bit more salt & pigment is needed for the middle part, but if you squint you can already see how it is going to be! Very shiny, very gold and very texture-y 😵!
Brigitte created this lovely nest of three golden eggs. Next week she will make them a little bit darker to bring out the 'gold' look and enhance the egg-shapes!

 Anna Karin used her fine-pointed big brush to paint these fragile eggs on a shiny plate. They are fantastic already, and will be joined by a little bunch of herbs (hopefully more next week!)

Marie-Claire skipped the golden eggs to work on a related exercise - the spheres! She's got it, they really have volume!

Isabelle did the same, but from home - they look good, and have volume, despite the fact that she hasn't used one great trick. I know that after I tell her these spheres will be even more 'superbe'!! Do you see what I mean? (click on the image to enlarge)

Couldn'y help myself - Cathie was working for herself and painted these amazing pears.The fresco-like effect is so wonderful!

And last but by no means least, the Easter bouquet from Jane. Not finished, but painted with such a spontaneity, it jumps from the paper. Looking forward to seeing the finished version...

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