Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Aquarellistas and their other projects

It was Easter when Anna Karin painted a big sturdy bowl with eggs (and herbs)

Brigitte started with her golden eggs on a squarish plate. With a bit of shadow this won't look like 'eggs on tv' anymore 😜

Golden Pear fresco by Cathie. Hard to believe this is watercolours but it is, we all saw her create it. Texture without texture! 

GREAT work on the complementary colours- project by Liz. As you can see, if you do it right, the colours really pop up from your paper!

 Sylvie M's Koi and nénuphars (water lily), inspired by Monet but mainly by her own gorgeous Koi Carps...

A painting that combines big sploshes of acrylic paint for the trees with softly flowing watercolours for the sky... Not finished and I have made better photos in my life, but you will see the next stage and finished product later, here and on the French Riviera Artist Facebook page...

 Another addition to Anna-Karin's 'IKEA-bowl' series! So subtle...

Our correspondent in Bretagne, Michele C is not sitting still! Super picture with lots of breathtaking reflection
 Almost finished, Liz's other half of the blue-orange set! Liz is definitely our complementary colour-girl!
 And last but by no means least: Cathie's fantastic new painting of old of Mouton Rothschild bottles, one full one empty... Makes my heart beat faster. For many reasons...

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