Monday, 30 April 2018

The beauty of water - in Aquarelle

 Elia B. - rich in detail, click to see better
Very short comments this time - my days are filled with exhibitions, presentations and other pressing things, but I did want to post about this fantastic subject, recommended to everyone... here are some examples by the Aquarellistas from France...
Sheila. This is a real splash!!

Water by Celina. Fantastic how she always stays true to her personal style!!

Abstract based on water - by Sylvie D. I love it!

Almost symbolic for water, this drop with circles by Glenda

Fab light, fab movement, fab artist! Isabelle experimented with loose painting inspired by flowy transparent background. Above and below.

Linda wasn't delighted with her drop - but I like it. And that means posting it!

Other subjects and projects;
Marie-Claire's Sylvie Vartan, finished and SO improved!
Cathie's beautiful vase - flowers a bit further but not much because she was helping me big time...Much appreciated Cat!!
Another gorgeous still life-to-be by Carol

Interesting volume by Hélène - and the start of exercise 3 - the layers (below) Going fast!!

Cyndie started and finished the layers exercise last Tuesday. 
Well done! Those two 'starters' really get it!

And last but not least, the complementary-colour-flower by Marie -Claire. She mixed the violet and combined it with  the yellow, and yes, it jumps from the paper!!

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