Monday, 14 May 2018

Watercolour Horizons...

 Very abstract -and interesting interpretation bij Isabelle. With visual texture, created with gauze and paint...(click on te picture to see more detail)

Last time the Aquarellistas got together, we chose 'Horizons' as our subject. An inspiring one - with so many possibilities for interpreting... Above and below a couple of examples - there were more but I did not take pictures of everything... my bad!

Very exiting version-to be finished, with a serious red  background and a mysterious arcade rising up... By Sandra -who else!

 A next interesting version, created by Patience. Incredible colours and a fantastic composition.

How about Bev's interpretation! So well done, so much view!

Or the horizon Vanessa painted... almost from another planet, I absolutely adore the light!

Another interpretation -not finished but amazing and so zen - by Glen!

And finally the awesome Northern lights - by Celina. She sees them regularly and told me that they actually move when you whistle at them...

And as always there were other subjects too!

These fine pears with strong shadows, by Carol

 A belated lilie of the Valley - so lovely and fragile, by Vanessa

An awesome radiant bouquet by Bev

 And Cathie has taken up a new challenge! She is currently experimenting to paint the moment the brush hits the water and a cloud of paint spreads...

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