Monday, 16 July 2018

Balls Bags Bottles & Brushes! In Watercolours of course

Shona's fab spheres

We had a great session last week, with new and returning Aquarellistas -  and great stuff was achieved. But I also had a board meeting and it was very hot - and that's my excuse for not taking enough pictures!! I am sorry and will make it up to you next post. I can tell you that the above spheres by Shona are just gorgeous, but also Avril and Lydia created super cool ones, that I cannot show you now. Hopefully come later!  
They were joined by Cassie, and the 4 of them started the doodling-washing-voluming exercise, results in next post too 😝
There was a still life with straw baskets, that Marie-Claire and Vanessa worked on, with lovely result:
 Vanessa's Version
 Marie-Claire's... Not yet finished but it is going to be super! that scarf really adds something!

Michelle started a watercolour of a complicated and delicate flower and did a good job on the first brush strokes (her painting is much better than my photo of it).  Next time she will bring out the beautiful blue a bit more by changing the background...

And last but not least, we continued with the Bottle and Brush challenge! 
 Next new Aquarellista, Dee, started hers - and it's already a winner!

 Brenda continued with hers with fantastic progress! Will probably finish next week!

  Sylvie M. is contemplating a blue-green version and practiced a little bit on the bottle on the left. Love It!
And Vanessa tweaked hers while her still life was drying; Wonderful light version!

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