Monday, 9 July 2018

Bottle & Brush Challenge continued + misc!

This is what I saw when I downloaded the 'bottle & brush' results for the blog... seeing all those fantastic real glass bottles really made me proud and happy! 

And here below they are on a larger scale - look and enjoy, they are awesome (with more to come) - and also have a look at Cathie's posts on the facebook page FRENCH RIVIERA ART



Brenda! (discussion on Facebook still hot: should she go on or stop now...)



 Vanessa! (not yet finished - so will be even better)

Isabelle! (not yet finished - so will be even better)

 Sylvie M!


And then there were some ongoing projects like
 Bev's view on Piazza Ducale (going to be awesome!)

Abstract flowers by Sheila...

Summer with the kids - another brilliant painting by Carol-who-will-now-start-with-the-bottle&brush challenge!!

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