Monday, 2 July 2018

the Bottle& Brush challenge AKA 'Is It a Painting or Is It a Photograph'

Last week Cathie was 'Chief Aquarellista', and to the delight of all, she started  
"The Bottle & Brush Challenge".

It is all about this picture, posted on the Facebook group 'French Riviera Art' with the question - is this a painting or a photo?! The replies varied from"'certainly a photo!!" via "not really sure" to "looks like a painting to me"... Whatever it is, it is definitely a fantastic image, showing that moment in which the transparent paint hits the water. The weird thing however is that nobody can find the answer to the question 'is it a painting'. So Cathie (in the "it's a photo"-camp) decided that the painters should be able to prove that it is a painting.

And there's the challenge! This will all be explained and organised in the near future via the Facebook Group, but some Aquarellistas already gave it a first try. Both Cathie and I are very impressed with the results sofar!! It is truly awesome how Real they all look. Respect!!

 Sylvie M



Sylvie D.


Brenda finished her Tuscan view - I think it is breathtaking! 

Fantastic Flower - great work, by Patience (who else?!)

And before starting the Bottle&Brush challenge, Hélène finished her sunset through a glass... 
Very well done!
Thank you Cathie for your time & help & excellent ideas & input!!

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