Monday, 19 November 2018

Soap Bubbles in watercolours

The lightest, airiest soap bubbles by - Ilse

A big group of Aquarellistas got together in the Hangar last week, to paint 'soap bubbles! It is a truly difficult subject - we painted from photos because the still life doesn't last long enough for us 😜. The results are surprisingly good and we learned so much from it! The great thing about working from photo's, is that you start recognizing the basic 'rules' so with a bit of practice we will be able to do this more spontaneous. But here are some stunning examples to start with!

Liz's truly soapy foamy bubbles

Very strong light in this impressionist bubble work by Michele C

 Interesting bubble with refelcting highlight from Hélène 

 And another set of bubbles by Ilse

 Judith finished her broken plate and just started with these bubbles. You can already imagine how good they will look with highlights and a slightly darker background!

Luckily I already told Sylvie D. that exceptionally, the photo somehow doesn't show how good the painting is! The real thing shines and shimmers and has a beautiful mystery... more next time!

Diana painted this amazing set of bubbles! People were asking, is this a watercolour? YES it is. With lots of Payne's grey and Indigo... Diana then started a next one, with a more transparent approach. Needs some highlights here and there and then it will be very convincing as well!

This O-so transparent soap-bubble painting by Jutta was the inspiration for Di and she
is right, this painting will be awesome when it is finished!

If Celina pulls this one off it will be legendary!!! I look so forward to the next step & finished painting! Love the little girl - somehow reminds me of aquarellista Bibi.

As always there was other artwork produced next to the 'sujet du jour'! Last week's lonely buildings were finished:

 Glen's 'birds view' on a Tuscan lonely farmhouse - great stuff!

Hélène let the sunshine in! Lots of stories imaginable here too...

And last but not least, Jutta's lonely little building - it is so cute!!

 Remote aquarellista Sandra has made real progress with her tangle of leaves, painted on heavy, paint-absorbing handmade paper. Exciting developments - I wonder what this will look like when it is finished!

 Liz also tweaked her silver beads - and they are ready to be picked up! (Maybe as a logo for a jewelry maker?)

The broken plate - now finished. Judith did a good job on the contrast, and I see a story here as well, because brokenn as it is, it looks so complete...
Maud a fait un travail formidable sur cette photo de vieille Grasse. Note qu'elle a utilisé du gesso pour lui donner plus de texture, aspect un peu 'antique' reussi!

And last but not least, Marie-Claire put her own beautiful cat in the misty flowy background. It will be refined and detailed next time - but it already looks like a good start!

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