Friday, 23 November 2018

The River Lovers in watercolours

Last summer, the Aquarellista group visited an exhibition in la Colle sur Loup of artist and Hangar member Jo Painter. She paints in oils, and on canvases that are quite large - very different from what we do - but we loved the craftsmanship and the warmth of the colours, the texture and brushstrokes of the oil. One of our favourites was the awesome painting 'River Lovers'.

While admiring it, Michele F wondered if it would be possible to paint something like this in watercolours. And I bravely said - Yes of course!

Then it was summer holiday, then I forgot it for a while, and then - we set to work. It is time consuming and not so very inspiring to create full copies of an existing painting, so we decided to do it the way we have more often made paintings together: we all paint a part, and then connect the parts. It was not at all easy, but we did it! I have to make a special mention of Brenda. She painted many parts, and kept the project going with her determination and enthusiasm...


Brenda, Carol, Hélène, Brenda, Marie-Claire, Michele F, Brenda, Brenda and yours truly together created a painting, in 12 pieces, on paper, flat, and transparent - that still comes close to the original:

Thank you very much Jo for working with us on this, it was a fun and informative project!

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