Monday, 3 December 2018

From Chess to Chat - A wide range of subjects in Watercolours

 Jutta's fabulous chessboard, I absolutely love the 'loose' style!

The Aquarelistas are more and more productive - especially now that we also have a session on Thursday! And a post with too many paintings won't get the attention it deserves, that's why I seperately show you the overview of what was done next to the Zentangles in today's other post 😃. Starting with the chess boards and pieces, ending with Maud's Chat - and everything in between
The finished board by Michele C. It is astonishing! I am so happy with what she has achieved in such a small period of time!

 Liz's large stone Chess painting is getting sturdier and the composition has fallen into place...

 Anna Karin has added the board underneath. It gives her painting such depth
Sylvie D. was away for a couple of weeks. Once back she finished her soap bubble-inspired painting. I think it is seriously awesome

Isabel D. worked on the forground-background exercise and finished with zentangle in the tree.The result is really great!!

Carol tweaked her already-gorgeous lonely wind mill on the water front. It is now perfect! We all love it to bits

The gorl with the blue scarf by Marie-Claire.Very beautiful, in colour as well as shape! Well done...

Sylvie let herself be inspired by Modigliani for this fabulous nude.


Maud a mis le dessin sur son papier, en couleurs Si vous regardez à travers vos cils, vous pourrez distinguer un chat blanc dans une poussette rose et des nombreux jouets: un commande!

As you can understand I am so proud of our group - both by the quality of the painting and the hard work... Especially impressive if you know that we are also working on Christmas Cards... In a next week's post I'll present some of those!

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