Sunday, 6 January 2019

In the spotlights: Aquarellista Edith Alborni

The Aquarellistas of the Hangar regularly ask about our friend Edith (or Elia B.), the talented French painter who had to stop coming to our sessions because of her health... Here is some news about her:

Edith still paints a little bit at home (as you can see above and below)...
She needs daily treatment for her "frozen shoulder" and begins to loose her balance more and more - but she keeps the spirit. Unfortunately she does not have enough strength to participate in our coming exhibition, but she hopes it will return.
She tries to live in the present moment, reads a lot which makes her travel...

Edith follows us through the weekly and the blog and she will not forget us!.

Below are a  couple of her watercolours, also for the Aquarellistas who have not met her!
 A cute little owl - with silver specks achieved by the glitter liner:

Edith has always been very good at expessive portraits, here are some examples

We wish you a very good 2019 Edith,, with break-through medical developments, lots of inspiration and new strength to create! Keep us posted!

If you want to see more of Edith's work, visit her Facebook Page

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