Sunday, 25 January 2009

Welcome to this new blog - this is the first post of many, with thoughts about the noble and difficult art of "Aquarelle", a lot of pictures of paintings, for the moment coming from me, but hopefully others will join me - and especially about the movement that is about to see the light: Aquarellista!

Aquarellista! is not about painting roses and landscapes - there is so much more to it... Aquarellista! is about the creativity and originality that can be achieved with this watery, transparent, and hard-to-control medium!
As far as I'm concerned, aquarelle (painting with transparent watercolours on paper) deserves more attention than it has received up to now.
To me it is a form of art that goes beyond the control freakyness of for instance realism in oil or acrylics! Everything the artists does with these materials comes from that person, it is all ego that the artist shows the audience, no matter how wild or loose or controversial he or she is.
To express something in aquarelle requires management skills - and it is never completely yours: the paint does things too, that you can influence and use and optimize, but it is never all about you! So that's one important characteristic about an Aquarellista! - personality.
And then, aquarelle is a good answer to the latest perception of art, that it has to be "shocking".

Aquarelle is not a very suitable material to be shocking with. It is fine, spontaneous and subtle and I guess that even a very "modern" subject (porno, cruelty) will somehow come out dreamlike, transparent and delicate (never seen something like it - but can imagine).

Thirdly, working with aquarelle is not for everybody. It is a difficult technique to master and it requires patience, swiftness, an open mind for a new way of "seeing light", the ability to throw away stuff that you are not happy with (because you can hardly repair mistakes) and a very good understanding of colours.

I do hope this blog is the beginning of something beautiful - back later with more thoughts...


  1. Testing - think this works :)

  2. Hi Marina,
    I think its great!!!!!
    My only constructive criticism would be to introduce earlier in the text or header more specifically perhaps, what Aquarellista IS & for who.
    It might make it more approachable when you know this.Just an idea.
    Anyway, well done - its very cool. xx Cat

  3. What monkey? OK If I really really really try to imagine an ape head I can see it.
    It probably means you have an excellent imagination which is no surprise.

  4. Can we throw this open for comment please?
    Does anyone else immediately see a monkey in that painting? Am I the only one??



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