Monday, 1 August 2022

Watercolours of Floating Leaves

Martine painted this jewel - it is such a fantastic peaceful image, I can't stop looking at it.

During our last session of the summer Season, we took a very Zen subject. and painted very Zen paintings, with 'Floating Leaves' . This worked really well, especially when we drank some champagne! We had a fantastic time, and I'd like to thank all the Aquarellistas for their creative achievements, their loyalty and especially their wonderful presence! Real - or virtual! We will 'Rentrée' in September - and some blogs may appear in the meantime! And then, maybe not!

Jutta found a whole nuw way to paint convincing water, wet-in-wet, using a credit card for the lines. The leaf is so light, it hardly touches the surface. great stuff!

Geneviève did a really good job on the 'floating' yet wasn't too happy with the leaf nor the dewdrops. She may do another version and if it reaches me in time I will put it right below here...

This is Shirley's floating leaf. As always a  little bit wilder and brighter than the others - yet amazing in its' complementary colours. I love it, look forward to see more of this stuff in September...

Manuela has been practising during 2 Covid periods and below are some paintings she created during that time, and this is last sessions' result - I am so happy with it! She is really getting it. Well done!

Talking about a Zen painting... Brenda painted this and it is absolutely Fabulous. And calming. And has wonderful colours, reflection and transparency.

And last but by no means least, Janine's leaf. It is original and a little bit crazy. Note that upper-background, painted with paynes grey on a wet surface and then moved up and down a bit. What an effect!

Just in: from Bretagne, Michèle sent us her version of a beautiful floating leaf. I love it that it is created in different weather, 1000km from here, with other smells and other light - and that it still completely fits in. Great work Michèle; looking forward to your contributions next season!


And in the meantime...

Also by Manuela these two paintings. One above has an amazing sky that she created during the last session she could attend. And below a tightrope walker. Everything is cool about this painting I'd say, and also it is a very symbolic painting I assume. Super!!


Monday, 25 July 2022

Watercolours in Pink

A really small group of Aquarellistas who still have time to paint is still here in the South. Most have visitors now - and also there's a heatwave... But a couple of die-hards were there and we spoilt ourselves painting 'Pink things'. With a good variation and high quality!! See Below...

Martine painted this 'pivoine' or peony. Fantastic, we all adore it and even her kids thought it was OK - and that really means something

Brenda finished her lovely painting of Leonie's 8th and as she is wearing a pink dress she beautifully fits in the subject! Adter that she painted the rosebud - fabulous!!

Jutta also finished a painting that fits the Pink bill, the breathtaking landscape below - and the found the time  to paint this funny and lovely and cuddly pink bear! 

Thecla is back from holidays and preparing for her visitors, but popped in and created this Pink moon. It is so exciting and so far away and still close... A difficult subject - and it worked out! Well done


Geneviève had to wait for the plumber and couldn't join us but painted along while we were in touch voa WhatsApp
😜 And as you can see she did a wonderful job! 

Last but not least, the contribution of Michèle, our loyal Aquarellista from Bretagne! She took the sweetest pink and created this mouthwatering still life. Super!

Monday, 18 July 2022

(Intuitive) Perspective in Aquarelle

 Perspective is a difficult thing - it is in everything, of course in landscapes, in an object, a face and sometimes even in abstract paintings. If you get it wrong, it 'itches' the brain. And that's why it is good to understand a couple of rules, even if you don't get into the real in-depth technical stuff. For example, you can be confident that you (your brain) always knows what perfect horizontal and vertical is. So when in doubt about a direction of  line,, hold your pencil horizontal or vertical and compare the angle.

If you paint a construction, a road towards a horizon, use a point and let everything lead to that point


Further away = smaller


Further away = Bluer (more (blue) oxygen between you and far away) and often more hazy


If the Horizon is high in your painting, it looks as if it is painted from a high stand point. This s called 'Birds' perspective. Has a powerful effect.. We didn't create an example of a low standpoint, but that is called frog perspective - and it makes one feel humble


In the meantime...

Sue's Sea - also very perspectivey, but painted in the spirit of our 'water scapes' project...

Guest Leonie (8),  painted an amazing set of spheres!!! 
Well done on the shadows, and the white lines and highlights!

Guest Akemie doodled the afternoon away, sitting next to Leonie and they somehow inspired each other. I love everything about this, the lightness, the backgrounds, and what she did with the white

Judith amazes us every time with her open-minded research into the world of expression.

Jutta's fab Monet-inspired painting of her friend with the red shoes & lovely dog...

Brenda's work in progress on: Leonie!

Monday, 11 July 2022

Sports, Active Sports and more - in watercolours

No comments today, too occupied with creating, ordering and distributing the 'Elements' catalogue for our exhibition...Curious? Here's a link... 

Fantastic wild, speedy and believable horse-race paintings by Bev and Michele!!

And a football action painting by Geneviève

Another beautiful granddaghter by Brenda. Very Promising::

Two Jutta's - above a Chagall-style portrait of her neighbour girl and below a work in progress, Monet-style

An amazingly beautiful and colourful flower-butterfly abstract by Rosemarie

An amazing splashy wave by Sue

Judith, just tried if she still had it in her, the amazing Veil. Yes she does!

And here is the 'spheres' exercise once more, very successfully painted by Akemi! She liked it so much that she did another, more colourful but equally beautiful version

Monday, 4 July 2022

The Sea and other Water paintings - in Watercolours

Two weeks of 'water painting' with the Aquarellistas delivered 11  fantastic paintings and possibly more next week. What a subject! Everyone on their best... As you can see (despite the tiny photo's Sorry!) the variations are impressive...

Bev's prett windy wild sea. One word! WOW

Manuela created an abstract water impression. I love it, it is so sunny and agile.

This breathtaking waterscape is created by Géneviève. Trop Beau.

Roxane painted several versions - this is one of the best, even better upside down!

Another abstract sea, really amazing, those colours!! Painted by Janine

This is the view from Michele's house. True. She wassn't too happy with how it came out - but I am!

Brenda has worked with perseverance on this picture of two of her grandchildren in the sea. It is really lovely.

Martine created a natural windy water view, with bird. It is so well done and a really spontaneous watercolour

This is also painted by Géneviève. A fantastic surf and wave.

Roxane painted this impressive, abstract waterfall. That's power for you!!

And finally Jutta, with a stormy water in warm weather.

In the meantime...

Manuela worked from home on the glass bottles! Super cute little painting.

Jutta added a plane-window to her clouds and immediately changed the perspective. Great idea!

Géneviève painted this a couple of weeks ago in 2 minutes on a scrap of paper. It set our cloud project in motion!

And Janine added some trees to her cloudy starry sky. With dramatic effect, absolutely stunning!!