Monday 17 June 2024

Chili peppers, painted in watercolours

On request, we painted chili peppers last week and I am delighted to see what happened. Apart from their intriguing strong taste and almost dangerous use in the kitchen, they have that beautiful shine, gorgeous colours and an attractive shape. And the Aquarellistas have nailed exactly that character. I am proud, and in awe, I absolutely adore what everybody has painted. All my enthusiasm is already in this intro - the comments will be short, the pictures speak for themselves and you'll see that I am not exaggerating!










And then there were some non-chili projects! Like this WIP by Thecla. They are neurons and synapses, an amazing landscape of brain cells, loosely based on a newspaper picture that she is slowly putting on paper. More later!

Laura continued painting on the butterfly, what an amazing colour! Just sayin'.
And she finished her winter fox. It is such a beauty and I love that thick fur

Trish finished the Marie Magdalena picture and found that there was just something not right. She added the little curly moustache and a tiny beard and now it is very much outstanding, and modern and funny. Talking about a personal impression!!


Monday 10 June 2024

Different versions of a masterpiece - in Watercolours

For last week's Watercolour subject we created our own personal versions of a famous painting. Great fun to see the different takes on one and the same portrait in this case!
It is a very beautiful portrait by Raphaël, of Marie Madeleine. It was discovered last year, in 2023 and exhibited for a while in St Maximin in the Var, where Anne from our Tuesday group saw it. She was very much impressed, it looks like a Da Vinci!

The exercise is not about creating a copy that looks much like the original, it is about using the face and the facial expression as inspiration... Did that work out? I believe so!!

Corinne's take on Marie Madeleine. Very well done and she looks so beautiful and mature in this stylised version. Eyes are spot-on, well done!

Anne also created a very much personalized version. With a fur or velvet collar and a silk dress. Wonderful! Eyes and overall expression are yet again very good, We love the pink background! And some of us saw resemblance to a member of the Addams family. Wednesday?

Charlie has not finished her version of Marie because she worked on her peonies most of the time, but the WIP looks very promising and again different! More next time...

Ingrid took the picture as example and did a fantastic job on the front of the dress, I can't stop admiring that. The face is characteristic - though slightly friendlier than the original

This is the wildest version up to now, I absolutely adore it! Janine painted it - and it is truly based on Marie Madeleine - just with different hair and a white silk dress. Super and very original!

Brenda's version has a very friendly charisma and is so beautiful with its very dark  contrast! The picture has come out too blue (my bad) in real life it is much blacker...

Trish is not happy with her Maria Magdalena - I do not agree, and she will make it even better next time. To comfort her I will also post my failed portrait, it was meant to be a modern version...

Just in: the contribution of our correspondent in Bretagne, Michele! A very different interpretation, but it is Marie Madeleine, just with an other painting as inspiration!

And then there were projects to be finished, as well as original other works and ideas! Not to miss, here they are:

Corinne's pompous Polichinelle or Pulcinella

Glen's elegant and light-footed  'Arlequin

Barbara (our correspondent from the UK) joined us with her original and funny Harlequin

And Charlie, as mentioned before, she finished her Peonies. I say, breathtaking. So lively and lovely, great shading, contrast and that tablecloth looks like embroidered silk. Shadows and glass, all superb. I am enthusiastic. I bet you noticed that already

Glen experimented and painted a Caribbean seascape with flower islands. It is crazy ad I love it!

Sylvie continued with her crazy flowers, similar approach as Glen and she will probably add more splashing. I love it! And to balance it out, Sylvie also worked on a commission of Koi Carp. That's working out fine as well...

Talking about commissions, Judith finished her portrait of Charlie 'the dog). You don't often see them as shiny! Great work, what a sweety.

Brenda finished her excellent painting of her son with his kids. What a fantastic shadow, and soooo much atmosphere.

And last but by no means least, Tony drew and painted a van Gogh impression (to practise for the Hangar Spring Trip to Arles no doubt) looking out from his bed. Very well done, love the idea, love the execution and that sky, it looks very van Gogh!

New Aquarellista Vanessa did the spheres exercise, in yet another way - it keeps surprising me! I love it, so subtle! Looking forward to seeing more of her.

And last but not least, Ingrid painted this lovely, graphical flowerpot, using masking fluid. It looks like a Japanese wood print, very nice!

Monday 3 June 2024

Commedia del'Arte Characters in Watercolours

The idea of last weeks' theme was to create our own versions of the famous Commedia Dell'Arte characters. But most Aquarellistas felt like other subjects - so only Glen, myself and Tony gave it a try - and Tony painted 3 of them so there still is plenty of examples in this blog...

WIP by Glen: Arlequino, a light-hearted nimble servant...

Capitano, Columbina and Scapino, by Tony who's back from his travels to join us once again, Yay!

Elisabeth painted with us from Sweden and created this pompous Pantalone!  As she says, he is probably arguing about the price with a merchant. And knowing everything better, judging by his body language... I love the red! Well done.

And just in, a real piece of work from Michèle, our correspondent from Bretagne. She has been on holiday and is clearly refreshed and full of energy. Four characters from the commedia group! Their faces show Michele's friendliness. Very good and personal...

And then...

Glen is also back from travels and she started with this Magnificent own impression of liquid metal. Original, clever and breathtaking!!

And another cause for enormous enthusiasm is this painting of peonies (from own garden) by Charlie. Still a WIP - she will be tweaking it a bit but it is already stunning. Love it!

Thecla's WIP - a stylised flower field. Lots of work yet it is already getting structure and texture! 

And as we have to do without Judith this week, we have Sandra for a bit of extra attention. She will have an Expo in the Office de Tourisme of Cabris in July and certainly deserves some publicity for her excellent work, here's a sneak preview (in no particular order)

Two very nice, small watercolour-ink drawing combinations, part of a larger and truly excellent series

WIP. Going to be strong and colourful

Part of a series of stunning shells, painted with watercolours on gesso-ed canvas. Such cool daring stuff! Can't wait to see the whole show.

Monday 27 May 2024

Foxes in Watercolours - and more

The subject of last week was 'Foxes'. For me it was about the double emotion, they are serial killing our chickens and we hate them for that, but at the same time they are so clever and smart and furry and cute - and themselves also cruelly killed by farmers and hunters. 
The way we painted them, was with the accent on clever, funny and cute although we told each other stories about the other side of them. So that is also behind every painting. It gives them depth and we had a good time painting the fur and the beautiful features, backgrounds and expressions. 
Here are the results, enjoy!!

Charlie did an excellent job -her fox is very loosely painted and that gives it an overall look of confidence. Love it!

Laura's fox isn't finished because she also worked on 2 other paintings (see below)- yet it is very promising and doesn't need much more. Maybe a bit more furry tail but that's is if you ask me. Well done!

Martine worked with us from the Auvergne, and she really nailed the eyes!! So delicate, so intelligent. I also love the background and the 'looseness' of the picture.

Corinne painted such a funny cute version of our friend the fox, I have to laugh when I see it. Very fluffy and very happy with itself. Good job!

Anne's painting shows the more 'predator' side of the fox. It os mainly in the eyes, but this guy (or girl) has plans for sure. There's a story there, Awesome!

Elisabeth who is in far-away Sweden painted our fox in the storm. This is an animal that is pretty fearless, just slightly disturbed by something. Did I mention that I love the confident expression? Excellent!

And last but by no means least, Ingrid's fox, it excuses itself for the mischief and hopes you will forgive him. And if you see that soft fur, you just might. Great character...

And in the meantime...

Brenda's WIP, an amazing and strong Silhouette Painting of her family. Love the strong shadows, fabulous!

Apart from the beautiful fox, see above, Laura worked on this butterfly of a couple of weeks ago, looking so promising - and she finished the Hippy-WIP, Good stuff.

Sylvie's WIP - just doodling and splashing with paint and look what happens! The poppy (-ish) flower on the left will be finished next time as well as the bud, but it is happy experimenting with paint at it's best!

Sandra worked remote, on this stylised shell. I think it is very beautiful and subtle, with an interesting pigment use! Pencil and sanding paper? What do you think?
Thanks all, and see you next time!