Monday, 20 March 2023

Fluffy Bunnies in Watercolours -and more!

 Because it is the Chinese year of the Rabbit and almost Easter, I suggested 'fluffy Bunnies' as subject. Some Aquarellistas were enthusiastic about giving it a try (and they did brilliant ones!) Yet most were too busy with other wonderful subjects and let it go for this time. Also we had two new participants, Anne and Michel, who worked really well! You can see it all above and below... As I am working really hard on an exhibition I keep the comments short, just know that I am super happy with the results.

For those who want a bit of advice on how to paint fluffy in watercolours, follow this link for the English version and this one for French input

What a cute and fluffy bunny! By Geneviève 🐰💗

Same for this adorable baby rabbit by e Sue🐇💟

Love this funny bunny couple by Anna  🐰💌

And some deep research into the world of fluff in watercolours by Sonya
  💙Well done!! 💚💛

Thecla: also an experiment -with painting effects think cauliflowers, think furry, think bleeding colours

Sylvie's fantastic portraits - watch this space for info about her Exhibition!


Judith finished the portrait above and started on the next part of the family, still in a very angelic stage!


Two new aquarellistas, Michel and Anne did the 'hit the colour' exercise (after the spheres) and both did a wonderful job. Looks like art to me!

The above inspired Genevieve to produce two more works (after she finished the bunny) both non-figurative!


The first watercolour exercise by Anne. Very attractive in colour as well as composition. Funny to see that the one marble with the 'wrong' light and shadow gives it a bit of extra swung!
Michel's version below is more experimental - with good firm colours.

Anna finished the plums - they have come out really well!

Thecla finished her two cell-related paintings and they both have come out very interesting, in subject and as colour composition.

Jutta changed her Tulipe Péroquette with butterfly into "tulipe irisée" (!) became in the end ... the Tulipe Irisée in the flowerfield at night... It is absolutely amazing how much 'story' it now has because of that new background. Well done!!!

And last but not least - Anna Karin finished the happy people - it is absolutely amazing, the silhouettes are so real and moving!!! and started a bottle still life that is not finished but already balanced and interesting. Watch this space for the developments!


Monday, 13 March 2023

Cellular Biology - in Watercolours

Last session's theme was more bent towards imagination as it was abstract enough, 'Cell Biology'. We were with a small group and it wasn't everyone's piece of cake, but the Aquarellistas who did work on it, created very good stuff! Have a look at the results (and after that enjoy Plant life and Portraits...)

Corinne finished her painting and we all agreed it was fabulous. Such clever use of light and background to suggest depth!

Thecla was happy with this subject and happily experimented away with it! Both are already looking fantastic, and not even finished!
Anna painted this playful, transparent bunch of cells - what is it? Frog spawn? Does it matter? Nope!

And another beautiful cell by Michele. She doesn't know which type of cells this is and says that the most dangerous ones are often the most beautiful.... But by painting them so lovely they can only be good!

And then there were other projects going on:


Jutta painted this amazing Tulip (Parrot tulip?) with a fine brush and a bag full of patience. Of course it is not finshed and it is probably going to have a dark background to enhance the colours and the frilly shape!

Shirley is working on a very impressionist landscape. I honestly absolutely adore it!! Still a WiP, next version will have some green in it...and be less a statement of desolation.

Another WiP, by Anna - she tackles one of our most popular subject 'the plums'

Fabulous, I repeat, Fabulous blossom by Sue!! The sunlight is so clearly there.

The only thing I will say about this one it that the creator did not like it at all and we all did, so I felt you deserve to see it. What do you think?


Do I have to mention who this is? Don't think so! Sylvie has found her style and is creating all kinds of different monochrome portraits. BB wil get another layer and it is a great example of how the brain 'fills out' the missing information...

Judith painted her sister and her father. It is wonderful to see that she resembles  both of them!

This is the picture I took of the fantastic portrait of the magnificent Ella Fitzgerald by Sandra. Yet by now 
"she has most of her v dark brown hair sponged off, poor lady, so is partially bald until I attack her with Payne’s Gray and Purple!!! " 😄 Exiting! More next week...



Monday, 6 March 2023

Glass Bottles, a still life in watercolours

Still life of the bottles, arranged in the Hangar kitchen...


Last week we painted these bottles as a still life, and/or from a wonderful photo, made by Martine, to work from...

I am proud, lots of good things happened, discoveries were made. Unfortunately  I had a bad-photo-day, so most of the works shown here are actually much better in real life... 

But still, here they are, in random order. Enjoy!

Janine painted this one in loose style. The bottle on the foreground makes the composition interesting and  enhances the perspective, while in the second, fast version, is just so playful!

Apologies to Geneviève for this photo that doesn't do her painting justice. But still you can see that it is fabulous! Very delicate, transparent and with beautiful highlights and so well done....

Martine took the gorgeous picture we based this project on. Her painting is a colourful interpretation with a very good balance between warm and cold

Shirley created an impressionist still life, using the example but with a lot of her own 'sauce' . I love her style

Corinne built her own still lives, and created a very tasteful one first, after which she painted another version with bright fantasy colours, using the transparency indicators from the first one. Looking fab!

Anna made this super colourful and very transparent, loose version. So well done!

Michele painted this impressive transparent and subtle version 'remote'. She must have been thinking of the sun in the South and in Bretagne I guess, and somehow it trickled into this painting...

This watercolour by Thecla has a sturdiness in how the bottles really stand on the surface. They are transparent and also very much 'there'. The background is fantastic!

Other impressive paintings were made as well:

Anna Karin's happy family! The photo has come out a bit 'cold', the actual painting is very warm

Sylvie has a talent for these monochrome portraits! Clients are lining up for them, no kidding! The subtlety and transparency of the watercolours give them something extra. Cool stuff!

As you may have noticed lately, Judith is in the middle of a whole different project: to 'catch' her favourite model and paint him fast with a resemblance to him or an aspect of him. That is super difficult and (I quote) 'not yet there but the process is fantastic and learning a lot'. I look forward to seeing more like this!!

Martine's group is now finished and definitely worth a mention, there is so much in this painting, there is a lot of interaction, adventure, rest, and it is clearly in a foreign area, The people look natural and their poses are very real. Well done you.

Last in, but by no means least, this painting that Jutta started on Tuesday yet finished at home inspired by  Friday Fish-day😀Just kidding - but they look so good and their colours are fabulous and fresh, with a good shine and lovely composition.