Monday, 14 June 2021

Hats and Shadows in Watercolours

Last week, we finally had 2 well-visited Zen sessions, with ginger tea, nice relaxed music and very inspired painting! Most of the projects are still in progress - but more than worth showing. Our theme du jour was 'Hats & Shadows' and here's what was done so far:
 Jutta's woman with hat is halfway. The hat is fabulous, and so is the really shadow. See how dark you can make it?!! Works. The hair and the denim blouse, great. I am so curious how her expression will be after the mouth is finished! It may change completely...

Sandra has a other take on things and will paint a black man below the hat & shadow.these are the base colours, that will shine through the transparent next wash and will give it depth and warmth. But already it is interesting with a great expression - that may still change completely!

Another example of a really dark shadow in this painting by Sue - I love the colours, naughty smile and the signature-loose-brushstroke that made this portrait so special!!

Ingrid created this wild-haired beauty with hat. It is so expressive! The skin colour, as well as the contrasts are very attractive and somehow this feels like a statement. Well done!

Michele created this watercolour, that would be such a good choice as illustration for a story or in a magazine. It tells a lot about sunny, windy and still cold. Maybe inspired by the beaches of Bretagne, where Michele returned... Beautiful.

 In the meantime...

Two more filigree bottles (last 2 weeks' theme) were painted, this one by Liz. It has tremendous power, great colours too - and it is still in progress, Masking fluid to come off for some extra highlights..Looking forward to that step - watch this space next week .Brilliant!!

And another prenominal bottle, painted by Brenda. There's a lot of Brenda herself in it, and inspiration from 2 different examples and that has led to this utterly beautiful and realistic object. It took around 6 hours to finish and is really something to be proud of!! 

Jutta added some extra contrast and accents to her flowers of last week and the painting really deserves another publishing in our blog because it is such a pleasure to look at! 

This delicate pair of water lilies was painted by Glen. .She started off with the flowers and then created the misty watery environment to make them come out of. So well done! It is not too much or too little -  just exactly right!
This is the slightly changed seascape with orange sky by Sandra - it still tells an interesting story! And it is a great example of the beauty of watercolour paint if you use it right and knowledgeable - and make good use of the 'happy accidents'. 
No happy accidents in the latest Veil! So strong - it is now like a crystal! By Judith - who else?! 
We may have a 'foody' still life from Sonya every week: she is creating illustrations for a recipe book from her daughters' class. Contrary to our own 'Aquarellista Cookbook' (which was about the ingredients) Sonya's pictures are showing finished meals. Not easy!

Interested in the cookbook: here's a reminder of what it looked like:



Monday, 7 June 2021

Filigree Bottles in Watercolours

Thank you Cathie for taking this picture of the Tuesday group(-ette). I am in the background painting while filming
the filigree demo - watch it here

Ingrid sent us this bottle with plant from Switzerland. I love it, the contrast on the 'light' side, the reflection , beautiful metallic filigree on transparent glass. And that colour! Fabulous, well done...

The past few weeks were characterized by small or even cancelled group sessions - but luckily still lots of enthusiasm and high-quality watercolours were created!

 Brenda worked on this marvellous green carafe. It is inspired by two different inspiration pictures, with a lot of her own ideas and it will be stunning when finished! watch this space next week...

Co-teacher Cathie painted this awesome bottle some time ago, with the one-hair brush and as subtle as they get! Painting at it's finest, leave it to her 😀

In the meantime...

Lots of other exciting paintings were created - like this deep and mesmerizing seascape by Sandra, full of texture and effects and a fantastic orange in the sky.

Celina , now in Norway, attended the first session and created a watercolour of this yummy French speciality, les Macarons, so typical for our area. A very special card for her daughter...

Cathie was working on a commission, her rendering of the leather and fabric of the old backpack is really impressive!!

Jutta painted her mothers' day flowers, very colourful, tasteful and warm. Well-painted in dimensions, they really come off the background.

Judith produced another veil. It is extra mysterious and I love the light beams and the soft transitions of the colour. Now she is on a well-deserved and inspiring holiday, so next week we'll have to do without!
This is such a good watercolour by Sonya! It has a great atmosphere, wonderful contrast and  shadows, and the herbs are so fine!! And on top of that, it is a funny face...


Monday, 24 May 2021

Objects with faces - in watercolours

'Faces' by Jutta - painted with a lot of humor!! Above the model, and below the funny painting. Original as always!!

In the mean time in Switzerland, Ingrid painted these pepper halves. Fantastically painted! They are the perfect illustrations of Happy and Angry and they still look 100% like 'paprikas'
No face on this apple - maybe on the other side? Just kidding, This is another artwork by Carol - with her signature dabbing-technique which provides that special softness - and a wonderful contrast!

In the meantime...

Another amazing pouring-doodle combination by Celina. She really has a wonderful touch with this! It 'moves' and is super interesting to look at, I can't stop seeing new things in it, you?

Vanessa painted this fantastic cupcake. To quote Marie "I can kind of feel how the cupcake will stick to the thin paper around it."  Amen! Very well painted , looking forward to more...

Not yet finished, the head of young monsieur Monet is still missing as well as the parasol - but still, Sonya already has all the important elements of this gorgeous impressionist painting! The light, the wind, the sky - and in an amazing broad gestured style that she uses to get rid of the 'fiddling'.
Randi has now specialized in flower painting and you can see that she has chosen the experimental approach, certainly not the fiddling one! I absolutely adore these Hollyhocks and by the way, the bluish background makes them stand out so well!! And below - some other versions, all experimenting and developing...
Sue works with us from the UK and hopes to join us 'live' one of these days! Here are her incredibly colourful Blue Bell wood' and some exquisitely painted flamingos
And we finish with nr 10 of the -by now famous in Aquarellista circles- series 'A veil A Day'

By Judith, who else. This one is about as peaceful as they get - I interpret it as the sun and the desert. So quiet and warm. Interesting how the complementary colours violet and yellow make each other stronger



Monday, 17 May 2021

Faces & Statues in watercolours


This little Aztec sctatue is painted by Michele, she loved it a lot as an object and I am in Awe! Especially the face and the torso are amazingly real, Well Done!!

The last Aquarelle Challenge was to paint a face that you recognise in an object. There were no 'takers' but there were paintings with faces! We will repeat the challenge this week, so for those who are interested, here's the link to the explanation once more.

Jutta has painted her first watercolour in a long time and it is fantastic, I love it so much! It has strength, it escapes from the fire, it is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and full of energy. Let's hope it is symbolic!

Judith has been painting 'a veil' every day for a month - and is now going for another subject to keep her inspired. Most of us followed and loved this project and we learned a lot about transparency and the expression of colours. Curious for what's coming! Is the one below a hint? She calls it 'Hello Kitty'

That was it for this week. Not much in quantity but high in quality! And wait until we are back to live sessions 😀 Looking forward to next time!!!

Monday, 10 May 2021

A portrait that glows - in Watercolours


The one and only Sue, painted this sunny portrait of a little girl, in the style of Jan Kunz. She shares my enthusiasm and ordered the book. Highly recommended.


An amazing 'portrait that glows' above, by Sue - last week's theme for the Aquarellistas. The only one but we'll definitely repeat this in the near future - with a bit more explanation. It is a wonderful way of painting, with bold use of colours and contrasts. So - more later and luckily there were plenty other initiatives to compensate for it - so, in the meantime:

this fantastic pair of eyes on an icy owl, very well painted by Sonya. On handmade rough torchon paper, that absorbs the paint so much more - which makes it  even more difficult to create a balanced painting, yet she definitely nailed it and her owl has so much character!

Introducing William Edmondson, painted by Ingrid from a tiny black and white newspaper photograph. He has a beautiful face, and apart from that he is an amazing sculptor (google him if you are interested!) who started at the age of 60 (there's hope!) with sculpting tomb stones, was discovered and his beautiful work now resides in lots of museums. Great painting - and informative!

During the period that is now àlmost behind us, Randi has specialized in flowers. She has painted a lot of them, getting so much practise, and that shows! They vary from stylized decorations like above to spontaneous natural colour-explosions like below!
We can always count on Judith's 'A Veil a week' and here is one that expresses the process of a plant growing. That is all the information I have - but if I may interpret, I see stuff going up to the brightest of lights and then darkish tones on the bottom in a kind of rough surface. If I am wrong I am sure I will hear that and then I will come back on it

and an extra excellent watercolour by Randi, just to show that she can paint more than flowers! A really good view on the church in Le Rouret...
Counting down, two more weeks and the live Aquarellista groups will see each other again for real. Can't wait!

Monday, 3 May 2021

Animals with beautiful eyes, painted in watercolours


These two tiger pups are a pleasure to look at! so many elements make this a lovely watercolour - the bright light, the contrast with the dark background, the reflection - and most of all their expression, there is so much there! A very big fat compliment to Ingrid for this delightful painting! 

So many submissions this week! It is clear that Aquarellistas love painting their animals with beautiful eyes. I am proud of what you created, every single painting has a very personal touch - and it shows the talents that you all have! And other great stuff was created as well! Check it all out below - and CU next week!

Sue presents 'Murray', named after the tennis player Andrew Murray, her loose-brush impression  of her brother & sister in law’s dog. Can I mention the detail of the buckle? It somehow makes it so funny...

This is so good both as a painting and an expression. There is so much to see in this cat like animal eye, from attentiveness to acquiescence. And the highlight is perfect. I can imagine how she has painted it, with the big pointy brush, in just a couple of direct brush strokes

Petit Tigre, the cutest white tiger pup, very precious, painted with love by Michèle - and her other 'ami à 4 pattes' a very funnu doggie with beautiful eyes, titled 'Seule à la maison' or Home Alone. As always painted with humor and persistence!
Another beautiful eye, this one painted by Sonya. Also with a lot of attention to the skin, eyelashes and shapes around it, which makes it easy to see that it is a horse. SO soft, muscly and empathic in expression. Fantastic

In a completely different style and impact, this happy horsey by Ingrid, another one with beautiful dark background and it is dancing toward us!

This is 'Rogue's eyes' by Celina. She painted it while in Oslo and it fits the bill completely, Rogue's eyes are amazing - and his expression, fur, whiskers and ears are so spontaneously painted. Love it

Rosemarie painted this sweet young dog that is standing in the high grass no doubt on its way to happy playful mischief.
In the meantime there was a lot of other stuff going on, check it out below!

Celina really enjoys the pouring-related exercises and did two more, with a lot of her own creativity and discoveries in it. Both are having the Celina 'signature' in that the shapes are determined and the colours are rich. and both are very inviting to experiment more. I hope we will see more of this, I find it very inspiring.

Judith painted 'Emil Nolde revisited' and it qualifies as a 'Veil' painting with that misty transparency, it has a lot of mysterious perspective as well.
And an even more perspective experiment:

This supercute painting is from Randi. She is creating a lot of watercolours of memories lately, like this bell tower in the town Nordby on the island
Samsø where she grew up on the Southside. It has a bell tower in the town because the church is quite far outside Nordby, and it also tolls in case of fire, so the voluntary firefighters can leave what they’re doing and assist the profs.

And then Just In Time:
The latest version of 'A Veil A Day' - by Judith, what a fantastic project - and how beautiful is this one!