Monday, 29 November 2021

Aquarelle Christmas Cards part 1

Anna Karin

The Aquarellista group spent last week's sessions creating Christmas cards. Some created series, so that all the recipients get an original and some created one, to have printed as postcards. We will continue with this project for some time, next session with the help of Anna Karin's newly discovered 'Spanish'techniques. More about that next post!











And other cards/excellent Christmas subjects....


Sue (!!!)

In the meantime...




Monday, 22 November 2021

The eyes of big cats - in watercolours

Last time the Aquarellistas got together, we had 'The eyes of big cats' as our theme. It was fantastic, everybody loved it and the results are impressive. Above an 'action picture', see for yourself  how the animals turned out, no comments necessary!

Grandiose Geneviève

Magnifique Martine

Amazing Anna Karin

Cute & compassionate Celina
Anna  decided to start with a human eye. Awesome!

Super Sue


 In the meantime...

Roxane painted her first Spheres - wonderful! 
The other exercise was painted by Janine. Foreground, Background and details, al worked out fine!

Anna Karin finished her amphora using some salt. I find it absolutely breathtaking

Geneviève finished her fauvist painting. It is hard to believe that these are delicate transparent watercolours, how rich and colourful is this!
Sue's happy and funny Christamas '21 card...

And her beautiful labrador-painting...


Monday, 15 November 2021

Amphoras, painted in watercolours

Last week's Aquarellista session was hosted by Cathie, specialist in 'textures'. See some examples above and below, all made using salt and that show the effect. The subject was 'Amphoras' and, to quote Cathie 'I thought this subject was screaming SALT!!!!!' Which they used, with awesome effect.

'Rosemary did two amphora using salt. This was very brave , as she has never tried this before & its not the easiest technique to master. The results speak for themselves. Great job!'

Marie, one of the Thursday Aquarellistas, painted this amphora, using Ochre, burnt Sienna, Sepia - and salt. It was the first time, and she really enjoyed the effect. I especially like the texture-contrast with the table it is standing on...

"Anna Karin used a combination of her new skills from the recent painting course in Spain, together with salt. Its already looking amazing, but work in progress. Cant wait to see it at the next stage. The photo doesn’t do it justice."
From Bretagne, Michèle sends her greetings with this fantastic, delicate and elegant amphora. So well done on the soft transition of the shadows!

Amelia (7) painted an amphora-shaped ice cream cone in Fauvist style, and while it was still wet, she  used a Jackson Pollock-inspired dripping technique to make it look extra crunchy!

'Glen had such success with her last painting she made as a gift for her husband, she decided to make this golf related painting for a friend.  There are a few details to be finished off, and masking fluid to be removed. She used things like a straw for blowing the paint to create some effect.'

As ever, Judith followed her instincts. There is nothing better than finding your own style and that’s what she has done, Bravo! She is also painting standing up at the moment which is interesting. Generally people sit to paint watercolour, but she loves to use a lot of liquid and this often works best standing. 

I am very fornd of this impression of an erupting volcano. Amelia must have been inspired by the La Palma happenings.

Cari (our correspondant from the UK) still works with us and keeps us posted from time to time! She is into really fine botanical painting at the moment...One-hair-brush technique! Well done.

Rosemarie joined us on Thursday and painted 'the balls', they jump from the paper! Good job! She also worked on something more abstract that came from a meditation exercise. I see a lot of interesting things there, but most of all, these transparent blue 'hands' that are protecting everything inside them. Beautiful thinking!

As mentioned above, Judith just does her own thing, experimenting with lots of paint, watery and beautifully coloured. Above the perfect cauliflower, not an accident, meant to be. And below a very promising abstract, again the light and the dark borders are striking. Love it!!

Amelie produced a lot more, the patterns above are combined with black felt pen and she also worked with salt to achieve a very nice structure. Cathie will be proud! And below a tree in Fauvist fashion! Well done girl... Hope to see you soon again.