Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Aquarellista! Membership

Just a little try-out paper of an Aquarellista! member
Aquarellista is still in the developmental stages, but there has been a lot of thinking going on already!
I am convinced that we need to have a membership, and for the time being that membership will be free of charge. We are in the start-up phase and I'll be happy and rewarded to find others that feel the same as I do.

Let's get started with a current definition for Aquarellista members:
They are "Every artist*) worldwide that works mainly with aquarelle and is proud of it and would like to join a movement that promotes the use of aquarelle!"

*) An artist is a person that takes responsibility for his creations and has a strong urge to create his artwork, whenever and wherever he can.

The advantages of being an Aquarellista! member

* You"belong"!
* Aquarelle will finally get the image and reputation of a serious medium that can bring forth important works of art.

*You are member of a group of "mates" that could help each other, with hints, tips and tricks, going from technical stuff to locations to exhibit to commissions.

To become a member: for now - just comment to a post on this blog - I'll receive that as an email and we'll take it from there. The requirement should be proof that you fulfill the above definitions - you are an artist, you work with aquarelle and are proud of it, and want to help promoting the fine art of Aquarelle.

We are developing a logo for your website or correspondence, a kind of hallmark that shows you are part of a serious movement.

We will seek publicity, press releases and have a website.

We will be in touch with all art schools, galleries, Aquarelle suppliers etc.

I'm up for any ideas! Aquarellista from all countries, Unite!Just an illustration: I'm working on a commission for painting a wonderful house in the South of France. Will keep you posted!


  1. seems that commenting is not as easy as it looks... But you have to click "comments" to be able to type a reaction, and then decide "as what type of user" you will post your comment and then type word verification and then it may be printed here... I'll try to change these settings asap!!

  2. I'm a french watercolour painter,very proud to prctise a such wonderful technics. I appreciate your web site and will be happy to become a member. your can visit my sites : or
    Muriel Buthier-Chartrain


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