Monday, 23 February 2009

Logo, light and estranging

And here's the Aquarellista logo (3X) - all the members cast their vote and this is the one they chose...
Last week our group did some research in "light" - leave only one part of your paper unpainted and work wet in wet. The results were exciting - these are two that I took a picture of, we may have more next week...

And then my own developments - I have started a new project in my atelier, not sure what it is going to lead to - but the idea is "estranging" everyday subjects. By giving them another perspective, or another colour or texture etc... I'll keep your posted, this is a first result that I'll develop into something. I like it, my husband likes it, but my mates from the model drawing class that I teach on Monday morning thought it was too "romantic"... What do you think?


  1. I think its extremely clever. Would love to see same thing also in more harmonious colours. Could also be interesting.
    Great idea.


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