Saturday, 21 March 2009

Estranging again - Cut it up!

The Hangar Aquarellista's were going realistic last week!
Three stages of an aquarelle by Bibbi Isaksson:

And the first stage of Cathie van der Stel's new still life (so sorry for the poor picture quality guys, next week real camera instead of phone...)

Composition by Anna Karin Fast

Anyway - one way or another most of us ended up being smart & creative: with work that didn't quite work out. As all aquarellists know it is very hard to "repair" an aquarelle without it going dull and un-spontaneous. But look what happens when you cut it up, and then not throw it in the bin - but start a whole new composition....

Landscape by Ann Edwards

Portrait by Birgitta EngvallEstranged Nebula painting by Brigitte Hole

An idea? I have always torn up a lot of my work - and use good parts again - to form a completely different picture... And also worked on smaller size papers to combine those into large sizes, which makes me think & act in a different way than I would have on one large piece of paper... See my website for examples!

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