Monday, 20 April 2009

Birds and cats

Titia Brandwijk
Marina Teding van Berkhout
Couldn't resist, just had to post these birds by Titia Brandwijk and Marina Teding - aren't they GREAT... but in the rest of this post I'd like to share some of the worry that an aquarellista can have when a show is due:
You may have noticed that I haven't written much lately... One of the reasons is that I have a big exhibition coming up - of which I thought that it was quite far away but the vernissage is actually coming Friday...So all of a sudden I had to choose, finish, cut out, put in passepartout and then frame some thirty aquarelles!! (10 were already framed) And did I tell you that my car broke down...? Arghhh...
The show has 'Chatatouille' as a theme - and I am showing a lot of cats, together with my "DNA ribbons" and some other free work. (Cats are great with ribbons... Especially young ones. That's why there also are some combinations - of ribbons and cats). The expo has 40 (!) of my paintings, together with the work of the fabulous sculptor Sally Ducrow - who also shows her cats - in marble, sandstone, serpentine, metal, wood and plaster. Like me, she loves to do cats - although her "normal" work is much more serious, but the playfulness of cats attracts her just as much as it does me - and that shows... I'll keep you posted about the show, with pictures and hopefully some anecdotes... But first I have to get those 40 aquarelles to Valbonne - trying not to damage all that glass in the frames - we have to arrange the whole thing, do shopping for the vernissage and pick up some of Sally's cat-sculptures that are scattered all over the Côte d'Azur...

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