Sunday, 24 May 2009

Working with pigment - Ochre

The Village of Viens in the Luberon by Sandra Seymour Dale

Some of us have been on a short painting trip to the Luberon, where we visited the Ochre Factory and had an explanation (a very LONG explanation) about how to use pigments. And because I received a set of ochre pigments as a present, we decided to have a go at it last Tuesday! The recipe is easy enough - a bit of pigment, a bit of water and - for aquarelle - a bit of gum arabic. Or well, that's how we did it. There are other media, but they all contain white and we are sworn to transparency!!

Marina dripping some Gum Arabic on a bit of yellow ochre...

Anyway - it looked interesting, and felt good, concocting our mixtures like professional witches, and the results were actually quite nice... In the meantime I looked a bit deeper into the matter and it turns out that there are all kinds of other mediums to mix with. And interesting colours, as well as a better price! Worth some more study and we'll definitely take this a step further in a later stage, but for now, look at what we created! All with the same set of pigments, the same subject (the ochre landscape) and then our own personal interpretation...

Marina Teding van Berkhout
Lies Timmermans
Cathie van der StelMarina Kulik

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