Monday, 22 June 2009

Faces II

Last week we semi-finished the faces, leaving room for experiment and other subjects - but all related to "light". Here's an overview of the results up to now:
Girl smelling washing powder by Cathie van der Stel Two versions of a wedding portrait by Brenda Moorehouse
(one in Acrylics - one in Aquarelle, I know which version I prefer :-))

Girl reading music by Ann Edwards

Stage one and the finished product of Sandra Seymour Dale's "Nude"

Above... 3 stages of Marina Teding van Berkhout's Boys.

She will finish this and then I'll show you a bigger version!
And to top all this off, a subtle landscape

by Marianne van Wijngaarden

Tuesday we'll meet up again and we'll do a "swapping" session: I'll update you about it later, but the idea is that you create a background, knowing that it is for somebody else: after you finish you give it to another aquarellista... It is a very good exercise that helps you get out of your comfort zone, leaves room for experiment and makes the need for "result" a bit less strong. More about it next post!

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