Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Swapping II

Cathie van der Stel and Marina Teding -together responsible for this interesting "fruit"
Forest and mist - Brenda Moorehouse and ....
The second swapping afternoon was fun (of course: who wouldn't love to just experiment for the experiment and without any result obligation...). We started out the same as last time, one starts with the background, another chooses and finishes it -
Chagall - Marianne van Wijngaarden & Helene van der Kroft
but this time after the foreground was done, we sometimes let a third person put in the details. Like with this one below, a joint effort of Cathie (background vaguely resembling a face) Brenda (clearly recognized Cleopatra) and Marina (put eye make up and lipstick on her) o well - we had fun Here below is my favourite - it looks so graphical and the colours enhance each other. But the other aquarellista's don't agree!! We left the (white) masking fluid on - the effect is interesting! (I think)
Lies Timmermans en Cathie van der Stel
and then some lovely initiatives like this one by Hélène
We won't get together coming week - I'll post about another aquarellista subject!

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