Friday, 18 September 2009

Aquarelle Experiments - and unfinished projects

What's this then? - No "Big Rose", this is an experiment: Sandra thought of using kitchen paper on watercolour paper to achieve "relief"... The results may not all be as beautiful - but when dried up, they looked at least promising. Worth looking a bit further into!
As you may remember we were going to do good-sized paintings of big roses. I promised to take examples with me and... I forgot. (Brought everything else though :). We'll now do "big roses" next session, and worked on other projects last Tuesday. Here are some results, mostly unfinished projects:
Rooster by Marina Teding van Berkhout - look at the beautiful plume-tail, very typical Marina style!
First big rose -with tiny dewdrop, by Cathie van der Stel. She finishes this week, look forward to the result!
Next to her kitchen paper experiment, Sandra started a portrait of two special roses - a female figure with dried rose
Ann will start a rose coming Tuesday - And may finish this gorgeous waterlily. I wonder if she should "finish" it - actually it looks great as it is now!
Next post will present you the work of Lies, Bibbi, Brenda and Anna-Karin

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