Monday, 12 October 2009

Deep Sea

The weather was great last Tuesday - we worked outside in the sun and let ourselves be inspired by the "Deep Sea"... Some took that as a theme for abstract expression and others were more realistic... Enjoy the results!

Birgitta Engvall started out with this "fishbowl"
And then went on with the spiral to end up with this fantastic fantasy!
Clown fishes by Anna Karin Fast.
She just "hinted" the eyes, which works from close by, but at a distance it turns out your brain needs a little bit more information! Maybe more about this next post (and maybe not!)
Great work by Ann Edwards -as always!!
The light has a true spakle and there is so much to imagine in this picture - it needs no comments... A more abstract take on the Clown Fish by Bibbi Isaksson - very graphic!

Clown fishes by Beverly Ellsley
And last but not least, a deep-sea scape, by Lies Timmermans.

She didn't like the result much - but I resized it a bit and look at it now!! One of the best...

That's one of the very good sides of aquarelle, it has another view on what to do with your painting. I'll write about that in another post, where I'll also show some experimental work of Sandra Seymour Dale: so watch this space!!

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