Monday, 23 November 2009

5 Aquarellista's present...

Last week most members of our aquarellista group were in bed with severe colds - but five die-hards were present! We had a fabulous afternoon, with lots of tea, extensive discussions about composition, colours and contrast, and deep concentration! There was a "plants" group (Anna Karin and Bibbi) and a "Chateauneuf village" group (Sandra and me) and then Cathie - who worked on both!

Anna-Karin Fast worked on her tomatoes,
aren't they gorgeous...:

Amongst other things Bibbi Isaksson painted this
stunning waterlily (very large size as usual :))

Cathie van der Stel started -and finished- these gorgeous
stylized flowers

And Sandra and I have started working on Chateauneuf Village, I painted a view of one of these lovely little streets and Sandra started on a great looking door (the old village has many of those! Cathie is painting one too...)

Work in progress: Sandra Seymour-Dale's door in Chateauneuf, autumn leaves to come...

View on a sunny street by Marina Kulik

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  1. Hoi Marina

    Wat een uitvinding, dat LinkedIn! Kan nu je blog makkelijk volgen.

    Groetjes uit Parijs,



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