Sunday, 1 November 2009

Exhibition Bibbi Isaksson part I

Just got back from this fantastic exhibition in Valbonne, of aquarellista Britt-Marie (Bibbi) Isaksson!
For those of you who weren't able to go there and have a look: it was awsome, you really missed something... So instead of showing your paintings of our last session in the Hangar (I'll do that some other time) - I'll post a number of pictures of this show - in 2 chapters!
First of all: "people" - just look at the light and the shadows, and have you noticed that every single painting truly tells a story?
Well actually, some of the paintings have a story written next to them, like this one:
It even mentions us - because Bibbi got the inspirations to make the painting below, out of the statue and cat-eye-sessions that we did in the Hangar!This is the official version that she did later
...and as you can see, it has a tiny red dot in the right upper corner ...

What an atmosphere! of old movies and theatre plays...

More later!!

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