Monday, 25 January 2010


Last week a small group of aquarellista's sat together for a nice and relaxed bit of painting, without result obligation, just for the inspiration and to have a good time... Despite that, the results were actually quite interesting:

Not quite finished but cuteness all over the place! Seal by AnnaKarin Fast

Beautiful eye of a snake also by AnnaKarin.
We played with transparent paint on paper with reptile eyes as inspiration.

Bibbi Isaksson did her own 'things', in this case a portrait in her own indistinguishable style

And a version 2 of her glass still life. Version 3 to be expected!

In beautiful colours, the eye of a gecko by Cathie van der Stel. Typical for her, a lot of detail, subtly painted in with unparalelled patience !

Marianne van Wijngaarden worked out "how-to" paint a birch tree. The result can be obtained in several ways, one of those... a credit card!

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