Monday, 1 March 2010

Cinqueterre II

Cathie, Marianne, Marie, Mireille and Sandra were the Aquarellista's present last week...

They worked in two "shifts" - made autonomous work and worked on the next stage of the manarola Cinqueterre project... The picture above gives a nice impression of our atelier Le Hangar!

Lovely aquarelle by Cathie van der Stel

Intriguing watercolour of an old Indian by Marie Dorveaux
and a very interesting version of the "four washes" exercise by Mireille Bonnaud. Note the UFO?
Poppy by Marianne van Wijngaarden

I am told that Sandra created a wonderful portrait - as a gift for a friend - but there is no picture I'm afraid... Maybe next week!

...Sandra must have been on a roll - she also made a fascinating start with her village ...
And last but not least this one! I suspect it is Cathie's...
Thanks to Cathie who organized, took the pictures and went back to switch off the lights of the atelier!
Tomorrow I'll join the group again and we'll start a project on fabrics like velvet and satin! Expect the results in later posts...

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  1. I absolutely love all these pictures, will follow with great interest.


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