Monday, 5 April 2010

Portraits in aquarelle IV

Last week - Last portrait session, not many aquarellistas, yet excellent results!
Below just a little show of what we did... Enjoy!
The not-yet-final multi portrait of Sandra Seymour-Dale. She is developing it further, cutting in parts, maybe tearing and then composing a new portrait from the pieces!! Very interesting project...

Sandra also painted a portrait of her friend Janet. Less experimental than the kaleidoscope one, but note the excellent upper left and right the beautiful effects of the use of salt in wet paint...
Ann Edwards finished her portrait of the Venus of Milo

Anna Karin Fast finished the portrait of her beautiful granddaughter.

Cathie van der Stel started another impressive "fauvist" portrait.

Portrait of a boy, Marina Teding-van Berkhout has a commission and practised the most difficult part, his hair: we could give input and help and as you can see she can completely trust her abilities!!

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