Monday, 26 April 2010

Tattoo hands (and more)

Like last time, the aquarellista's were going for a project where we were to be inspired by volcano's... and like last week we ended up doing something entirely different! But whatever the results were (euh, pretty good actually!) we could paint them outside, in the sun!  and that alone was inspiration enough!
Lies Timmermans painted an interesting fantasy landscape - clearly with a volcano in mind...

And the rest...
Horst, Mireille, Marianne and Ann painted their own hands - than added home-designed tattoos, for a beautiful, mysterious effect.
Ann Edwards' tattooed hand

Mireille Bonneaud's subtle, mysterious version

Marianne van Wijngaarden's very oriental looking hand - note the gorgeous background, created with salt!

And last but not least the hand of Horst Timmermans (new and promising aquarellista!)

My only remark is about the "finishing" of the hands: they will have to come from somewhere, an arm, or out of a sleeve.  That way the hand will look less like something found in an episode of CSI...

And then there were lots of other things going on! I'll keep some of that for next week's post. We had visitors again, this time two very talented youngsters, Samira and Maurice, who created several free, experimental aquarelles! Two of those are printed below:
...Maurice painted the circle of life...
and Samira first painted a great wet-in-wet background, and then added this lovely, funny cat!

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