Sunday, 23 May 2010

Atelier Libre

Last week a couple of Aquarellista's met up in the Hangar to have a gorgeous lunch (I'm told), do a bit of work, finish projects and have a good time in the sun, with a nice cup of tea....
Of the starters only Helen Bate was present, she created several aquarelles, experimenting with the great aquarelle medium, here is one of them, a wet in wet landscape:
She also finished one of the starters' exercises, that begins with a simple drawing, which is filled up with colour, then washed out with water and a sponge so that the colours fade, and after it has dried, "volume" is suggested by painting on top of it, with highlights, shadow and patterns (for more info see our watercolour book)
The volume exercise by Helen Bate

The volume exercise by Horst Timmermans
Dried Rose by Sandra Seymour-Dale

Stage one of a flock of sheep by photographer du jour Cathie van der Stel: the nice green elements on their backs are of course masking fluid...and they will have four legs, or maybe five... 
Next week the finished project!

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  1. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. This is a medium that one day I would love to explore. Thanks for sharing.


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