Monday, 3 May 2010

Carribbean blues

Inspired by Cathie's holiday, we started thinking about paintings with a Carribbean "feel"... It was great and sunny outside, it was Horst's birthday and we had homemade pear cake and champagne: what more could an aquarellista ask for!! Even without painting, it would have been a fabulous Tuesday afternoon, but we actually started some great paintings that look like they will catch that athmosphere just right:
Unfinished but already very Carribbean-looking! From Lies Timmermans

Work in progress, with still lots of masking fluid on mast and far-away sail, but look at that sky!!
Cathie van der Stel's two promising aquarelles...

Since 2 weeks ago, we have three enthousiastic newbees in the group: Mia, Horst and Helen. They are working very hard at the moment, to understand the difficulties of working with the transparent aquarelle paint, that doesn't allow you to make mistakes, that is so fluid that it flows and drips and stains, also when they do not want it.. But I am very confident that we can sho some results soon! Great things are already happening...
Horst's version of the "don't look at the shapes, just paint the colours"- exercise

NB: Scroll down to the next post for info about the "ABSTRAIT" show in Nice Airport!

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