Sunday, 26 September 2010


The palette of Anna-Karin Fast, working on her still life
We started our transparency project last week - the weather was great, sunny, not too hot and although none of us had done much painting during the summer months, it went great for everybody! I am proud of the results, they vary from very simple to complex. As you can see, most of us took 'glass' in one form or another as a means to express transparency in an aquarelle, but there were also some experiments with fabric...
Stones in a glass bowl - Anna Karin Fast

Three bottles by Bibbi Isaksson

'One bottle' by Marianne van Wijngaarden

Bottle and glass by Horst Timmermans

Bird behind curtain by Gisela Dijksterhuis

Ann Edwards painted this simple glass vase with flowers, based on an existing painting of Ronald Jesty "Sweet peas in a tumbler" and she added the "curtain" (using slightly lighter and bluer colours to suggest that) which makes the picture even more interesting!

There is more where this came from - I owe you the aquarelle of Cathie who is working on an excellent still life with coloured bottles and Sandra's very very expressive portrait of a lady, with transparency used in a symbolic way. We'll definitely go on with the research coming session... so watch this space for more!

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